Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Believe In Pink

I have previously blogged about my love of white interiors with a touch of pink here.

And my love of this colour scheme seems to remain in tact, as I've noticed a common theme in many of my inspiration boards over on Pinterest.

In my past two homes, the colour scheme has been white, black/charcoal and red. So a transition to pink is not unexpected. I like the femineity of pops of pink in a room. And as a single girl, I don't think there's any reason why I couldn't decorate my next place with pink accents. I think a touch of pink could be truely glamerous.

From front doors to book cases, a touch of pink can really brighten a space. And the best part about some of these ideas is that it's easily altered if I decide to redo my colour scheme.

I can't wait til I have my own space to dress up. So many ideas.......

 Images sourced here; hereherehere; here; here; here; here; and here

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