Saturday, 25 July 2015

hey you! pay attention...

N O T E   T O   S E L F

To Me.

To You.

Listen Closely.

Pay Attention.

📷 In My Home

You yourself, as much as

anybody in the entire universe,

deserve your love and affection.

                                                          -- Buddha

House bound and recovering from surgery this week has given me the time to
1. Analyse every detail of my home; and
2. Take a few photos of the pretties that surround me.

Oh.. And

3. Remind myself that I am singularly responsible for my own health and happiness.

More so, I have come to realise that I DESERVE my own affection.

As much as anybody else.

It is fascinating (and somewhat heartbreaking) that I am not willing to give my own body the time and patience that I would afford to anybody else in my life to recover from this procedure.

Instead, I have found myself feeling frustrated at being tired and drowsy from the medication.

And ironically, pushing my mind and body through the pain has resulted in what is probably a slower than desirable recovery.

What a shitty cycle to be in.

And so, having learnt this lesson myself during the week (and because I wanted to share with you that very pretty photo from my very own living room) I am going to remind you one more time -



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