Monday, 27 July 2015

the trust equation

I attended a training program through work recently, during which I was introduced to
T H E   T R U S T   E Q U A T I O N


There's a whole theory behind it;
And I found it very interesting particularly applied to professional scenarios.

But honestly, the equation makes it appear much more complex than it needs to be.

It's really very simple - 

T R U S T  . . .
H A R D   T O   E A R N 
E A S Y   T O   L O S E

The same week that I was introduced to The Trust Equation, I also found myself involved in a conversation about rock climbing.
"Are you afraid of heights?" I was asked.
Well, look, ummm... you see, I'm not a huge fan...
But the honest truth??
There's a better chance of me coping with heights than trusting someone to hold the ropes and pulleys to keep me suspended in the air whilst rock climbing....

I guess you could say that I suffer from Pistanthrophobia.
Which, despite sounding like an incurable disease, is
"the common fear of trusting people
due to past experiences with relationships gone bad."

To trust is to be vulnerable.
And vulnerability terrifies me.
(But that's another post for another day.)

Trust must be deserved.
I do not sprinkle it freely.
Thankfully I don't believe Pistanthrophobia is incurable.
I don't by any means think it is easy to overcome.
It just means I am cautious when choosing who to trust.
And sometimes my little protective shell takes a bit of gentle persuasion to crack.

And so... Here's a memo to everyone in my life;
Perhaps it's a memo you may wish to send to everyone in yours - 



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