Friday, 8 May 2015

i bring the thunder

"I brought the thunder.. 

It's what I call it.

It's very effective at work.. Only it's totally inappropriate on a date.

I was nervous.

I didn't socialise much as a kid; I kind of spent all my time in books;

and you don't have to socialise with books...

So when I get nervous I tend to cover it up by talking a lot;

and being really loud. And definite. And being in charge...

So no one will see how scared I am.

And on our date I was terrified because you're very handsome and nice and you're great;

A N D   I ' M   D O R K Y .
I ' M   N E R D Y .
I ' M   M E ! 

So I brought the thunder!!!"

-- Maggie Pierce

Yup - I'm the girl who's still watching Grey's Anatomy 11 years after it first aired.

Furthermore - I'm the girl who can still relate to the characters on Grey's Anatomy in its 11th season...

Maggie Pierce. I get her.

And I too have my own version of The Thunder, which I have been know to unleash on unsuspecting victims.

I'm not good at dating.

I am awkward at small talk.

I can be the worlds worst Chatty Cathy.

And then I retreat like a turtle back into my shell.

Hopefully a little thunder isn't too scary.

And as they say -

A F T E R   E V E R Y   S T O R M   C O M E S   A   R A I N B O W


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