Friday, 22 May 2015


This is kind of like a Community Service Post.

An Open Forum.

An inquisitive question to the masses.

Please, please leave a comment; 
or email me; 
or send a Facebook message; 
or even stop me in the street if you have opinions about this topic...

I am always up for a chat if you agree; 
or friendly debate if you think I'm off the charts crazy.

The topic of discussion??

T H E   W I N K Y   F A C E


An innocent emoji to some.

A guilty connotation to others.

I'm was always firmly positioned in column B.

The Winky Face is flirty.

It is suggestive.

It is certainly not to be thrown around with blatant disregard of the consequences.

Don't believe me?!

Just ask Urban Dictionary.



And for the record, these were the PG rated explanations of this seemingly innocuous symbol.

H O W E V E R ...

My opinion is now wavering!

It seems that not everyone shares my understanding of The Winky Face.

Some people do use it in general conversation.

And that's just downright confusing!!!

Because once upon a time, it seemed to be a Secret Code.
ie. "I am sending you a winky face to make sure you are 100% certain that I am hitting on you"

But then Apple got all fancy introducing little cartoon emojis and suddenly there's Winky Face's all over the place!

The Secret Code was breached.

The Winky Face was compromised.

And now the world is in chaos.

So. Much. Confusion.

So tell me.... Do you Winky Face?!



  1. I used to give out Winky Faces like candy... until I found out what they meant... I was mortified lol

    1. haha! I know, right?!

      to be fair.. i'm now super uncertain of the rules with the introduction of the emoji.

      i really want to talk to an expert on this subject....!



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