Thursday, 19 December 2013

girl on fire

I'm so proud of this moment
And all it took to arrive here
I'm proud of every lesson, every step
Every moment of weakness, pushing me to find more strength

Proud of every time that I was scared
And learned to become more brave
I'm proud of all the ways I've come closer
To my truth and closer to trusting myself

I believe that we are all flames
We have a light so brilliant inside of us
An inextinguishable source that once accessed 
Can set the world alight

I believe that there are no limits
Even during the time we feel most limited
There is NOONE that can hold us back
Even when surrounded by the worst nay-sayers
I've personally learned this over the past 2 years

So tonight let us be ourselves
Free and fly in everyway!

Tonight let's make a promise to each other
To never dim, shrink or cave for anyone
Let's turn off the world and listen to our hearts
Beleiving exactly where we are is where we are meant to be

And even though we have so much more
of the journey to go through
Let's be proud of where we have come from!

I am proud of you
I send love to you
I'm so glad we are all here together
Let's shine on and set the world on FIRE!!!

- Alicia Keys
[Set the World on Fire Tour Program]

In concert - AMAZING


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