Thursday, 7 March 2013

Life Happens

Today I had some time to reflect on the last 4 weeks.

In summary I :

Went to Queensland; Survived a mass restructure at work; Had a hot Valentine's Date with my cousin Katie; Spent some time in the ER; Revisited my naturopath; Celebrated Emmy's 5th (!) Birthday; Had my sister come to visit (twice); Laughed at Josh Thomas at his Fringe Show; Went to Clipsal 500 (twice); Celebrated an engagement; Visited LukaMish at the Lollipop Markets; Became seriously addicted to buying things on Gumtree; Explored the Wayville Farmers Markets; Shopped; Had an Endota facial (pure bliss); oh.. and quit sugar.

It's been a busy time...

Let's have a look at that in photos :

Sunny Queensland (I heart you)

Flinders ER (Thanks for everything Mum xoxo)

Happy Birthday to my little fur baby

Clipsal 500 - Quality sister time xx
[Photo stolen from Bree :) ]
Stimulating the Economy one shopping spree at a time..

I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson
Yup - more on this later.

Experimental Baking - Sugar Free; Gluten Free

As for this weekend?? Well I've got a few things on my To-Do List. Op-Shopping included. 
Wish me luck.


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