Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stationery Heaven

I heart Kikki K

I get really really really inspired in that place.

Honestly, it's more about the concept of organisation that makes me happy; rather than the actual products sold in store. But none-the-less I managed to spend a solid 40 minutes browsing the shelves in there yesterday.

It's just so pretty!

And organised!

Did I mentioned, I have a thing for organisation?!



[Photos taken by me.. in store.. when the staff weren't watching!]


  1. Ohhh Andy, I hear you!
    And I'm even inspired to write my own Kikki K dedication blog post :)
    I love all their stuff...and one day it will send me broke for sure.

  2. haha! Glad to have inspired you. A couple of girls in the office were also jealous of my purchases and have since made a visit to the store! The new Christmas Catalogue is FULL of gorgeous gift ideas (for you AND your friends/family). :)


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