Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Run Florence Run

Project Healthy House is a constant battle for me, as I attempt to juggle my love for baking (and eating) delicious sweets and living a healthy lifestyle.

It's easy to tell myself that I will only eat one cupcake from the batch.
The challenge is in keeping that promise to myself.
Which is near impossible.
And I must admit - The odds that I will break this commitment to myself are extremely high.

So I've been hitting the gym.

Yes.. Let's all take a moment to digest this information.

And then I'll shock you even more by admitting that when I'm there, I run. RUN!
Not fast I must confess. But 'running' nonetheless.

And I've discovered the best running track.

Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine.

I know I'm late to get on the Florence bandwagon.. but I love it.

And, hey, whatever works right?!


Image here

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