Thursday, 10 May 2012

Choosing a Path

Bare with me while I get a little introspective about life today, because I am at a cross roads.

I used to be convinced that I hate change.

I'd tell anyone who suggested a new job or opportunity to me that I couldn't possibly consider change because I.  just.  don't.  do.  change.

But I've had a lightbulb moment in the past week.

It's not change to which I am averse.

It's decisions.

I fear making the decisions that instigate the change.

I'm scared to make a choice.

Allow me to provide you with some insight -
As a kid, I hated 'choose your own adventure' books because I didn't want to make the wrong choice. What if I chose wrong?

Life is much more serious than a children's book and I still fear making the wrong decision.

You rarely (if ever) get the opportunity to make a choice twice; and sadly, I don't have access to a crystal ball to guide me.

So how do I know that I'm choosing the 'right' path?


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  1. Oh Andie... reading that made me feel sad :(

    You are such an amazing, strong, sensible, grounded woman, and I think that whatever you decide will be just the right thing.

    Believe in yourself <3

  2. I think you should choose the "foot" path, otherwise you'll get run over by cars. Xxx


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