Monday, 29 August 2011

Sugar Baby

So... I catered the sweets for a Baby Shower on Saturday

(Remember how I blogged about being asked to help out and then collected some of my ideas here?)

Well I took Friday off work and spent some quality time in my kitchen.

First of all, let me say I do love to bake. Most of you know that already..

But there is definately an increased pressure when you're doing it for
A) Someone you don't know very well (I have never met the Guest of Honour of the Shower) and;
B) A special event (rather than just because I had a craving for a particular cookie or cake).

Rather than go into too much detail about how and why, let me show you the end result. Because despite an entire cake sinking in the middle like a donut everything turned out well.


Three cheers to Miss Pip for being a lifesaver and making me a cake bunting and cupcake flags - Aren't they the cutest decorations you've ever seen ?! (And a BIG thanks to Jodie of LukaMish who donated her fabric scraps to this project. BTW - Jodie makes amazing products with her fabric so check it out.)

And just so that you can fully understand the mayhem that was my kitchen, here's a pic to show how much stuff I can have spread across my kitchen bench at one time -

I will be doing individual posts about each of these sweets complete with recipes. Stay tuned.



  1. It all looks suuuuper amazing :) So proud of you!! <3

    I was going to ask where the mini flag bunting came from - Nice work Miss Pip!! :)

    Can't wait til I visit & can sample more of your awesome goodies :P

  2. all looks gorjus!!! That is definitely a well used kitchen.

    Pip did such a fab job with the buntings, at least my scraps went to a good cause xx


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